broseley_thurcroft_portable_gas_stoveBroseley Thurcroft Portable Gas Stove

No longer available

A Unique Mobile Gas Stove with a realistic living flame that gives the warmth, appearance and atmosphere of a traditional stove.

If you feel a chill anywhere around the house, just wheel your mobile heater to wherever you need it. Mobile heaters are highly efficient, providing instant heat and better control over your fuel costs.

  • Self contained gas cylinder housed within body of stove.
  • No installation or chimney required.
  • 100% efficient with a maximum heat output of 2.4kW.
  • Up to 60 hours burning time from one 7 kg bottle.
  • Peace of mind from an atmosphere sensing device which turns off the gas if the flame goes out or if the level of oxygen in the room falls below a reconised safe level.
  • High level user friendly control.


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